Let's face it, clowns can be a little strange.

Good clowns are awesome, bad clowns can be scary - I'm neither.

I'm a professional balloon artist, full-time dad/husband/workin' man. I can do many of the same things a clown does - balloon twisting, juggling, magic, and jokes - but I can also do story telling and stage shows. I just do all this without the white face and red nose. Besides, I just can't make myself buy rainbow suspenders.

I'm located just outside of Manchester, New Hampshire.
Random Picture
Balloon Storytelling at the Candia, NH Library
Balloon Storytelling at the Candia, NH Library
From album: BALLOONS!
I am available for events in Middle and Southern New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Northeast Massachusetts. Please don't hesitate to call for locations outside of that region as I do travel throughout all of New England and may be able to adjust my schedule accordingly. While your here, take a look at the gallery of photos or contact me and I'd be happy to talk to you about any event that you have coming up and how you think I can help. Thanks for stopping by, Sean

A little about me

I must give credit to my wife for getting me started in balloon twisting - twice. I've been juggling and doing a little magic since I was a kid, which is why my wife thought a balloon modeling kit would make a great present. I liked it, but once I was out of balloons, it went away to collect dust for a while.
Some years later, my daughter's preschool needed a clown, my wife said, "Sean can do it." I agreed with the caveat that I'm not a clown. I pulled out the balloon kit, ordered some new balloons and started looking around the internet for balloon twisting instructions. By the time the preschool event rolled around, I could twist 40+ designs from memory. The day went great, the kids had fun, I had a blast, and I kept on learning new designs. Now I make just about anything people ask for (as long as it's appropriate). I don't use a balloon menu as you may have seen before. I like to stretch people's imagination and make the one balloon which will be perfect for them. I've had some great requests. Bicycles are the easy ones. I had one boy ask me for a chihuahua, another asked for an excavator. Pictures of those are in the gallery.
A little girl, maybe 5 years old, asked me for a toilet (?!) - to her delight and her parents' dismay, she walked away with a toilet hat complete with a plunger. I focus mainly on balloon twisting, making whatever the kids (or adults) want. I also can provide a brief magic and/or jugging show, complete with ball, clubs, contact juggling, devil sticks - and if requested (and dark...and outside) flaming devil sticks.