Birthday Parties

Sean's child's birthday party package includes up to 1.5 hours of balloon twisting entertainment, during which he can usually make balloons for 10 - 15 children. Plus, birthday children turning 4 years or older, get to assist Sean in baking a special balloon birthday cake! This is your child's chance to be the star, and is a wonderful picture taking opportunity. This package also includes a special balloon sculpture for the birthday boy or girl that is made ahead of time and is custom designed to compliment the theme of your party or anything your child can imagine!
         Balloon Whale
Every birthday child receives a custom balloon sculpture.

Private Parties

Sean's balloon sculptures are always amazing, but for a private party with mostly adults, he takes his balloon art to a whole new level. These elaborate creations, combined with small touches like glow sticks, raffia, scented oil, feathers, or even a little fire, result in unique balloon hats, masks, costumes, and even fairy wings that make for an event atmosphere like no other!

Fairs, Festivals, and Events

Multiple hours of line twisting fun! A typical line at this type of event is over an hour long. You may be thinking, "That's a long time to wait for a balloon!" That's true, but it's worth the wait. Between the cool sculptures that get "oohs" and "aahs," fun banter between Sean and the line, and the pop quizzes thrown out to the crowd, Sean constantly works to maintain the line's interest. Parents often say, "I've never seen my child this patient." Adults and children are captivated watching the sculptures take shape. You're not hiring someone to churn out balloons; you're hiring someone to provide entertainment to the people who've committed a day to be at your event. Not only do you want them to come back, you want them to talk about it to their friends. That's Sean's mission.
  Balloon Storytelling Costume
Storytelling with Balloon Costumes.

Extra Stuff

Additional Birthday Children:

If there is more than one birthday child at the child's birthday party, an additional charge will apply. Please call for details.


Would you like to see a story played out by the birthday child and friends as they are dressed in balloon costumes? The birthday child is always the center of the story. The tale is narrated by Sean but the parts are played by the party guests. How about a story about a princess and a dragon? A group of farmyard animals? A classic fairy tale? Or a special story tailored for the birthday child. All participants in the story get to keep their costumes.

6 Foot Balloon:

A raucous show that will have everyone laughing and talking for days. Set to loud, fast paced music, Sean ends up completely inside the balloon - then the fun starts. The show features a man, a 6 foot balloon, and a whole lot of fun. Don't miss it! Space requirement: 10' x 10' area, (no textured ceilings). Having Trouble imagining what it would look like? See the video here!